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A funny thing happend to me last Friday.Id gone into Chicago to do some shopping.I wanted to get some Christmas presents,and i needed to find a book for my psych course(I am a junior at Northwestern University in Evanston). I had gotten to the city early,so by early afternoon i had bought every thing that I wanted.Anyway,Iam not crazy about downtown Chicago all the noise and traffic and strange people and I had made plans for that night.I jast wanted to get in my car and drive home before the rush hour,but Ifelt really tired.Idecided that Ihad time for a cup of coffee and a short rest.I bought a Tribune and wnt into a small cafeteria near the garage where I had parked my car.Igot a cup of coffee and a package of doughnuts glazed doughnuts.I am crazy about glazed doyghnuts.there were plenty of empty tables,and I found one nearthe window.Isat down and started the crossword puzzle in the paper. I always enjoy doing crossword puzzles.

A few minutes later a woman sat down across from me at my table.That surprised me because there were several empty tables.There was nothing strange about her except that she was very tall.In fact,she looked like a typical businesswoman you know,conservative suit,briefcase even a tie.Idid not say any thing.­

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